Structural Health & Condition Monitoring

We can provide complete, state-of-the-art structural health and condition monitoring solutions.

What is structural health and condition monitoring?

Structural health and condition monitoring facilitates intervention in the early stages of machine deterioration, which is essential for operators to be able to manage the life-cycle of their structures, maintain safe and efficient operation of plants, resulting in reduced inspection and maintenance costs.

Structural health and condition monitoring services provide objective and reliable data that shows any changes in the structure or component and allows an assessment of present health and asset life extension. A wide range of industries take advantage of structural health and condition monitoring services including aerospace, surface and sea transport, renewable energy, oil and gas, construction, and marine. It can be particularly beneficial for machines that cannot be regularly inspected, such as off-shore wind turbines, or those in continuous service.

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Plant Integrity's expertise in structural health and condition monitoring

Our structural health and condition monitoring service involves observing a complete structure over time, periodically sampling response measurements from an array of sensors, extracting damage-sensitive features from the measurements, and making a statistical analysis to determine the current state of health. This process enables early intervention and may prevent catastrophic failure from corrosion, fatigue, or cracking.

We use many technologies, including acoustic emission testing, guided waves, thermography, ferrography, spectrography, and vibration analysis. We can use these solely, or in combination with each other, while the machine is in operation, or when it is offline, providing a range of potential inspection implementation plans. We have a dedicated group of highly skilled engineers using state-of-the-art equipment, such as the Fluke Ti30 portable thermal imaging camera, the LOT Oriel/Thermal Wave Imaging Inc. system, and the Acoustic Emission Testing Equipment from M/s Physical Acoustics.