Teletest Focus


Our core business is providing site-based inspection services to major and critical industrial sectors using a range of non destructive testing (NDT) techniques. Specialist NDT techniques such as TOFD, phased array UT, guided waves, MFL and eddy current testing are offered.

Using our comprehensive range of NDT technologies, we cover most industry sectors and capacity requirements and are always looking to expand into new markets via investment in new technology, recruitment and staff training.

Plant Integrity (Pi) is well positioned to offer a degree of expertise and product knowledge to diverse industries requiring NDT inspection for risk based assessments (RBI), fitness-for-service assessment (FFS), structural health monitoring (SHM) and condition monitoring.

Pi's integrity engineering team work closely with our inspectors, technicians and NDT operators to ensure data is collected in a form suitable for engineering assessment (PFS/ECA).

Pi can perform integrity assessments, including RBI to develop inspection plans (written schemes of examination) and remaining life assessments using inspection/NDT data and other relevant information collected on site, to present integrity management solutions to our clients.

We continually offer dedicated support whilst maintaining the highest standards.