Teletest business transfer to Eddyfi Technologies opens up new opportunities for industry

13 October 2017

With effect from 13 October 2017, Plant Integrity Ltd - a wholly owned subsidiary of TWI - has sold its Teletest® equipment business to Eddyfi Technologies, a world leader in advanced non-destructive testing solutions.

Plant Integrity and TWI have developed, manufactured and commercialised the Teletest guided wave ultrasonic testing system for detecting corrosion in pipes and pipelines over the past 20 years.

The business transfer is a result of growing demand for the Teletest suite of equipment, and an opportunity to substantially expand its application. It will offer clients continued high quality service, whilst allowing accelerated Teletest product development to meet growing and ever more complex industrial need.

The new ‘Teletest’ business unit created by Eddyfi will design, manufacture, sell, and service guided wave equipment globally. Sales and service for the Focus instruments, WaveScan™ software and transducer rings, including rental, calibration and repair, together with CSWIP LRUT training and support, will all be provided by Teletest, part of Eddyfi Technologies.

The long range ultrasonic inspection services activities of TWI and Plant Integrity, including collaborative and industrially sponsored projects, are not included in the business transfer. Plant Integrity, with its long standing experience of developing inspection solutions, will continue to deliver first-class inspection, consultancy and R&D services worldwide.

TWI Director of Technology Aamir Khalid commented, ‘This transaction completes the story for TWI. TWI developed the Teletest guided wave equipment and now passes it to a reputable industry player to productise it further and realise the full potential of the science that we developed. TWI and Plant Integrity will focus on providing core inspection, research and consultancy services to its Members and clients.’

President and CEO of Eddyfi Technologies Martin Thériault said, ‘We are very happy to welcome a fourth brand and the guided wave science to Eddyfi Technologies. In particular, this high-end, yet proven and established, science will nicely complement our Lyft® pulsed Eddy current platform to improve our corrosion solutions portfolio. In addition, we believe that access to the global Eddyfi Technologies sales network, as well as significant investment in R&D and new product development will deliver new possibilities for Teletest for the benefit of our customers and the industry.’

Plant Integrity staff involved in the product portfolio acquired by Eddyfi Technologies have transferred to the new Eddyfi Teletest business unit and will relocate to a new Eddyfi Cambridge, UK site in the coming year. Staff in the USA will relocate to Eddyfi Technologies’ office in Houston, Texas.