About Us

About Us

Established in 1997 and wholly owned by TWI Ltd, Plant Integrity (Pi) has been at the forefront of guided wave research and is considered market leaders in providing support to its clients with equipment and mentoring.

Plant Integrity aims to be industry leader in developing new technologies, services and products, and providing mentoring and support to a global client base in the fields of integrity management and plant inspection using NDT techniques.

We work with government agencies, local authorities, government-regulated industries and the private-sector to provide safe and reliable pipelines, offshore oil platforms, onshore oil fields, railways, wind turbines, tidal turbines, and well-managed civic infrastructure such as safe bridges, roads, airports, tanks and other metal structures.

Plant Integrity has a strong customer base that is built on long-term customer relationships. Our portfolio is composed of small service companies, leading national and international oil and gas operating companies, nuclear power plants and governments affording us a unique and valuable combination of experience and global perspective.

Our name is synonymous with great relationships with clients, suppliers and staff. We are building a business that is in tune with the needs of the global client base we serve, finding new ways to deliver safety through structural and engineering assessments, condition monitoring and specialist NDT of a highly diverse range of pressure equipment and structures.

We serve over 180 clients in over 40 countries around the world.